Niagara Falls muti-media performance artist THUNDERCLAP uses honesty and his own brand of absurdism to develop an intimate rapport with his audience. His songwriting structure is challenging yet accessible and although the song content is thought-provoking, it boils over with shock and comedy.

A live THUNDERCLAP show is reminiscent of traditional storytelling. A few choice covers are sprinkled randomly amongst his originals, some spoken word pieces, stories about the songs, ramblings on contemporary issues and engaging banter with the audience. When THUNDERCLAP slings his sonic sorcery it’ll leave unsuspecting spectators in shock. A hilarious and mind-rattling surrealism weaves throughout his unique brand of toe-tapping, gut-wrenching melodies. No two THUNDERCLAP performances are the same, so you’re always in for a truly unique experience.

THUNDERCLAP’s second LP “Strange Songs For Strange Times” released in August 2023. It features acclaimed Coast to Coast AM radio host George Noory, and has been (and in some cases still is) played on over 75 radio stations across North America and the UK.

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